4/18/21: Jared and Zeus

Rest in piece Jared (formerly Jerald), long live Zeus.

I started my day by moving Eric and I’s things into a storage unit. Sean let us use his truck (because it was uninsured, he drove and we did all the work). A bookcase, a shelf, a chair, and a few boxed of miscellaneous things accompanied us on our journey to Daffodil Storage in South Hill. After dropping our things in the unit I had picked out/set up a few days prior, we went to a tractor store to buy some Round Up weed killer. Evidently to buy concentrated chemicals such as these, you have to be licensed, and because no one qualified was in the store at the time, we could not buy what we were looking for. Sean was pissed and exclaimed something like “THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH AMERICA.” A quick 15 minute drive later and we were at another tractor supply store to try again. This time it was no big deal and he got what he needed. After this, we headed to Happy Bento in South Hill for some sushi. I had a dragon roll (the only sushi roll I have ever liked, thanks Kyla) and Eric got some monstrosity which he explained was a California roll topped with all the fixins’.

I went to see an old friend today. I picked her up, and the second I saw her, any fear in me that things would be awkward ceased and I was filled with whatever feeling contradicts melancholy. She sounded like her voice was escaping her. Was she nervous? Did she have the ‘rona? Did she spend day screaming profanities at the top of her lungs? The world may never know. We drove to a park where we explored the various flora and fauna (many labeled with plaques to show the name of the tree and when it was planted). A few trees had just turned 31, and I made sure to point out that they would soon buy boats and sports cars they could not afford. One plant in particular stuck out to me. I have no idea what it was called, but on explaining it to her, I gave it a name: Planticus Multiplicus. This plant had lillypad/cup looking buds that grew 2 stems out of each, repeating a few times. This made me ponder the idea of the existence of multiple universes. Each decision I make is a lillypad cup, branching out to two different eventualities. A simple visual, though if actualized it would look more like a three-dimensional spiderweb. I often wonder if I am making the right decisions as I swing rapidly between periods of acting on emotional intuition and pitch-black logic. I am currently at the end of one of those lillybuds, but within my sight today there were thousands. There was a greenhouse shaped like an observatory/dome/gazebo that housed some plants currently closed to the public. We saw a tree who was obsessed with combing its leaves, a few squirrels who I fear know nothing of the world outside their home park (what a life to live), and made our way around a pond littered with flies so small they looked like specks of dust. Before the pond we found a balloon (who did not give us his consent to be carried, but we proceeded anyway). This balloon was promptly named Jerald (and promptly renamed Jared). We frolicked in the remains of Jared’s fallen family came upon an old brick bathroom that I thought was abandoned, as the door had been bricked shut (later I found that the doors had just been moved to the other side of the building). There Jared found his final resting place, forever tormented by a horny man who likes to watch kids play in the park and had convinced himself (through means which are unclear to me) that he was Zeus himself. In today’s search for any light that touches this big green ball, Jared was the second most beautiful thing I saw.

PS this drawing was done quickly and is flawed in more ways than not, but this is about how we left Jared, our messiah.

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