04/20/21: The City

I spent my night last night in a city somewhere on the east coast. The night began in a modern apartment in a building I had never seen surrounded by people I had never seen. Among those I knew were my dad, my cousin, and an old friend. People were wearing casual suits and talking in hypotheticals and concepts, and I felt out of place. I spent some time with my cousin, and then decided to head to the kitchen to pretend to be interested in some conversation there. Upon re-entry to the living room, I found a man in his mis-20’s trying to rape my cousin. I knew my dad always carried a gun, so I ran to the kitchen to scream for it. He obliged, and when I ran back I found this man on top of her. I shot him in the leg and he got up cursing. I asked my cousin if the was alright, and after this the man began to scream about this and that. Something about “what a prude bitch” and “I’m a rich white man I can have anything I want,” so I shot him again. This time he left. I spent the rest of the night comforting my cousin and pondering the idea of going to jail for shooting a terrible person. It seems ass backward, but I had myself simultaneously convinced that I would be behind bars and not caring about that because she was worth it. Also at some point I kicked my friend out because him and my cousin rarely enjoyed each other’s company and I wanted her to feel comfortable. Next thing I knew I was in a different part of the city with some people who I assumed were my friends. My ex-girlfriend from high school was there, as well as two guys who I did not recognize and a girl I also did not recognize. The guys were boring in every fashion and I disregarded them for most of this adventure, but the girl was something else. She was dressed like the belonged in the city with flaming violet hair and wings that could cut glass. We made out way down a jagged city waterslide and she did a perfect nose dive at the end. I tried to mimic, but just made a fool out of myself. Shortly after, I transformed in to Louise Belcher and visited the rest of my family in their apartment above the burger joint. I gave Gene a healthy slapping for reasons I cannot remember, and my ex (apparently we were dating at the time) cried and told me she couldn’t be with me if I was going to be violent like this. Following these events I hopped on my Tesla scooter and rode into the sunset.

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