04/22/21: SNAKE BITES

I am placing this here because it only exists in a text message and it deserves to be seen, if only by you and me.


you’ve been bitten

and fallen onto my lap

you’ve been in the forest again

what have I told you about that?

you look up to me with those eyes

you’re helpless and you know I’m right

he mouths the words SNAKE BITES

I not and sigh and hold you tight

as you lay between my thighs and die

didn’t I tell you it’s a trap?

haven’t I told you about that?

I hold you to your death and cry

haven’t I? haven’t I?

I can’t blame the snake

he’s bipartisan

a faceless thing

he exists as the oceans exist

a vast expanse

treacherous and deeper than any thing

but he holds no malice nor benevolence

he carries neither sword nor shield

he bites all those who draw near his den

not through his own free will

just as the sun burns those who bask in his light

he will deceive, I’ll give you this

he sits on the corner of heartbreak and heartache

tragedy loss

six days forgetting to floss

it slips your mind for days or weeks or months that you’re the boss

he’ll wrap you up

make you feel warm and smooth

while his poison drains you

until you can’t move

but again I assure you it can’t be his fault

without him light wouldn’t exist at all

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