04/26/21: A Poem About You

Poetry has often gone over my head both in reading and writing. Most poems are a long stream of metaphors ranging from commonly understood things to concepts so oblong and out-there that most of the meaning outside of that in the mind of the writer is left to interpretation. Maybe it’s all supposed to be up to interpretation. There is not writer without the reader, even if the writer is the only reader blah blah blah

I find it’s often easier to mimic someone else than to come up with things originally (plus the argument can be made that we’re all recycling machines and nothing is really original anymore). THATS NOT HOW IT FEELS

Have you heard Samsa? Or atlas?

Use your imagination and sing this in your head like they do. Our imaginations are powerful things. Right now everything I’m writing is coming out in a cockney accent because that’s the voice I’ve chosen for this sentence. This one is the queen of England, and this one is an Australian mother

you yes you, the one I’ve beaten down

I took a baseball bat right to your heart and swung it all around

you took my blows with love filled eyes and told me I should recognize the things that make me human make me humble not so dead inside

you yes you, the one who stuck around

to this day I don’t know why just know I’m ever thankful my

love for this world sits right in the palm of your hands

you’re a knight in shining armor you’re the hub of all the bands I


you yes you, you showed me what good music is

you showed me that in everyone a beautiful and precious soul


you inspire me to be the me that loves the me that hates the me


could make a novel of blocky letters

you could open up the sky and shine a light down through the gutters

they say you

they say you’re the type to live fast die young and have fun, blow up the sun and leave a corpse that’s nice for even the little ones

the type that doesn’t compromise the type that tells lies and makes apple pies for those nice guys or maybe just grabs a burger from five guys jesus christ seems pretty nice

I don’t believe it for a second

et cetera

Now I’ll try writing like you do, please bear with me this is hard

You incorporate lots of metaphors and similes in your poetry and that’s pretty radical

Also after reading the PISCES thingy you sent me a dozen times I’ve come to the conclusion that you recognize as well as I do that I’m made of glass

Sometimes I feel like a beautiful thing. When shown from the right angle and polished neatly I reflect a tessellation on the world when given a single source of light. I guess in this example you’d be that light. You inspire me to be better and it means the world

I feel like a stranger to this world

a tourist passing by

a hybrid on a gas dominated interstate doing his best

a single drop of blood in a salt infested ocean

a street sign with a typo that nobody seemed to notice

years ago you sensed my lack of emissions and like a nuclear fission you divided

you collected a blood sample and planted a seed

this pine tree among a forest of similarity saw its first bloom that day

you corrected my mistake and added some flair

a streak of grey a little light like Morticia Addams’ hair

I’m not sure if you’re this high all the time

if you are id like to have a taste of this sweet wine

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