04/27/20: Snow

you know that feeling that you get

right before you fall asleep

that sensation of gravity ripping at your feet

this frigid lake has a heart of fire and I skate the last two inches

I thought I wanted the cabin with the hearth and fire

again the with the kettle on and pictures of palm fronds

guess it’s more fun this way

I pray for snow that fills the cracks

it hides the glowing underneath it’s frozen flakes this frozen lake

I’m falling I’m falling

oh fuck I’m falling

slipping on highway 102 fresh sheets cover the glass

watch out for black ice! this is real advice its not a joke or some drawn out metaphor

this floor we tiptoe shares the same density as the grass mowed

the last show the gas go! the fast arrow bow

I fill baskets with cherry pits and masses of hairy tits



we swallow too many watermelon seeds despite our stomachs

one day one day one will grow

jack’s beanstalk’s got nothing on this cold cock

shoot up the block! enter before you knock! hold a mock trial or watch a flock a mile high

I don’t want to fall back down no

they say without the highs its all low

or maybe without the lows there are no highs

either way I wish someone would gouge out my eyes

or glisten them a shade of violet, purple or maybe pink

a rose colored boy who’s first nickname was twink

snowmobile tracks ruined this cold desert for the rest of us

the path’s been walked and the courses charted

fuck oh fuck oh fuck

I’m falling

“I’m so… changeable. It is a weakness of mine. To be fair, it is my only weakness,” -JM

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