05/01/21: Meaningless Rhymes

Today is the first day of the month, but it does not feel significant. It feels like days become less significant as time passes. When you’re young, the first day of the month was exciting maybe? At the very least, holidays and birthdays were exciting. At some point the world doesn’t stop for your birthday anymore. Sometimes I wish it did: not for my birthday, I mean I wish the world would just stop for a while. Birds and planes frozen in place, ice cream on a cone in Santa Monica never melting, and an entire colony of ants lines up single file holding tiny scraps for their queen blissfully ignorant to the fact that everything stops.

Yellow bus hairbrush toilet flush got a crush

Bluebell whoops I fell my friend Mel go to hell

Green trees dog-sized fleas Applebee’s everything freeze

Orange doors cold sores you’re a bore give me more

Redbeard all my fears wipe those tears drink some beers

Black van you’re the man open cans and meet the bands

White vent fuck I’m spent go pay rent heaven-sent

Purple flower half an hour kind of sour abusing power

Every day I have to turn the tap a little farther for hot water

The one upside to climate change is the sun gets a little brighter

Flowers lean toward the sun, but so do weeds and other nasty things

It seems like the only important thing

sure there are other ingredients

carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and the likes

Shut up, do some blow and drink a Mikes

I don’t do drugs anymore. I used to do them a lot, all sorts of stuff. It made me feel okay but even that got old. I’m thankful it got old because of the destruction of my physical and mental health, but there’s a gap that I’m certain only love can fill. Drugs showed me artificiality. The thing I need the most, the knowledge that the world is beautiful. It’s hard not to see the beauty when it’s 3am, you’re frying on too much acid, and you steal a shopping cart from a nearby corner to go for a ride. It’s hard to miss the beauty when you’re high on cocaine throwing axes at a painted target. You get the idea.

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