05/10/21: An Ironic Unironic Rap Song

For imagination’s sake, sing this in your favorite rapper’s voice! Maybe it’s Deca, or Kill Bill the Rapper, or Eminem or Kendrick Lamar!

*30 seconds of sad trap intro, then when you think the words start at the 8th bar, they don’t! Just more buildup until you’re 16 bars in and nothing has happened*

Knock knock hello are you still in there? I’ve written letters and sent texts and calls from up in thin air

This game of catch is getting old I’m told that if I just hold my hands right I’ll feel you

You’ll speak to me

like sand speaks to the mold or like hearing aids and hand grenades speak to the weak and old

can you hear me?

like I said I’ve been leaving messages in abundance my obsession is not for fun my dependence is like a gun

its getting out of hand like when you slip on a banana peel you know your ass will land

on the ground

just a single word or turn of phrase or hurried face or special place my grace my highest lightest place FUCK

you’re mace in my eyes, yeah you’re cash in a guise, yeah my ass is grass if I decide to take my life in my own size

small medium or large, fall down with them or charge, mall graphic pens or cars maybe I’ll end up behind bars

I just want to get better

I just want to be more

I just want I want I want I want I wanna fall to the floor

Where do I start? Do I eat healthy?

do I get a nice job and end up just like the wealthy?

Peep died X died Yelchin rolled down a driveway

sure I wanna be happy but I need to try to do it my way

Anton didn’t put his car in park he died inside inside a metal box with wheels

how the fuck is that supposed to make me feel

I know I know I’ll exchange my vices for vices or maybe vices for virtues or maybe virtues for new shoes or maybe new shoes for a single clue

I’d give it all to hear a single word from someone I cant see or maybe just to hear her breathe

Do I work out? My body’s as strong as it needs to be maybe I just need to

be-lieve that these tree-ees hold the quali-ties of the goddess Parva-ti so when she-sees that I nee-eed to be carr-ied she will grab-me and then ask-me

what’s the deal? Why so down? Don’t you have lots of family?

Doesn’t the Earth go round and try to minimize casualties?

we dump plastic on the oc-ean and burn gas to no-end we try not to no-tice when children starve it’s atro-cious

Now I see a dark figure in the corner of my eye sometimes when I’m driving or I’m walking or I’m trying to pass times

I bet it’s the drugs, I wasn’t like this before, now when it rains it pours and when it snows oh it storms

I’m frustrated that I have to have faith when the only two things I can rely on are the setting of the sun and that billionairs rape for fun. I think I used to be brighter and I couldn’t handle the world I’m in so I did drugs to numb the idea that there’s no win-win. I stopped the drugs when I felt like I could live without them. Maybe I’ve created some sort of ignorant bliss in my head to get through. Greener pastures are a joke they’re a wolf in sheep’s clothes they’re a theatre stagecoach and a bleaker fake joke. Somebody please freeze time so I can go around turning pockets inside-out. And remember. You didn’t see shit.

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