05/15/21: Oops

You ever sign your name and it comes out a little wrong but you cant do anything about it because pen is permanent

I used to love this permanence because it forces you to be adaptable. All my art was pen on paper for a long time. At some point I realized that this permanence doesn’t encourage calculation and so I paid $1,000 for an undo button.

If I really can breathe underwater, do me like mobsters do snitches and weigh me down with concrete.

I spend most of my time spacing off in thought, which I think gives me a sort of contemplative or pensive demeaner. Really I’m just thinking about how I wish the fries I’m eating were a little crispier.

I bet Jaden Smith once tweeted something like “is a caricature of a caricature just a regular person, or does it become exponentially more exaggerated? Where an exponential function reaches near-infinity, what would this reach toward”

It’d reach toward a comedian’s take on the id.

I never want roots in the metaphorical sense, but physically if someone could transform my feets to roots and my hair to leaves and give me some nice thick bark that’d be great.

For a very long time I’ve been all like like “shit man keep me inside the darkness is my friend *hiss at the sun* emo emo emo” but recently I’ve been really enjoying the sun. And running. And sweating. I think its because I’m starting to see veins pop out of my calves after a long day of sprinting the path of a boomerang.



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