05/18/21: As Above, So Below

We attach a positive connotation to ‘up’ and a negative one to ‘down’. We’re always trying to move up. Maybe this is biblical? Because heaven is above and hell is below? Maybe

I don’t really have anything to say tonight. Today I created nothing, and work was extra hard.

I want to sing more. I meme-d on a coworker yesterday and sang some line from the chorus of some song and rather than laughing at the totally super funny joke I made, he said “do you sing?”

My face flushed a little and I said something dumb like “fuck no.”

Why would I be embarrassed about that?

I love singing and I’ve spent a lot of time practicing it, but I haven’t yet developed a voice. I feel like a parrot who is trying to become pitch perfect while perfecting the phrase “shut up, fucker!” or whatever people teach their parrots to say.

I can’t sing in my home because too many people live here and I want to sing loud.

The acoustics in my car only take me so far.

Maybe I will look for a place

like a nice bench on a park

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