05/22/21: Songsongsong

Nine hiding children under blankets

five of them remember other four they can’t forget it

why is it that when they blink things move the other way

can’t quite focus on it can’t quite look it in the eye

Why, can I, see your face

Why, can’t I, hear your name

I saw you walking on sidewalks the other day

This time you were twenty five with a man I’d never seen

maybe you were getting BOBA maybe chik-fil-e

more likely you were just enjoying the sunny day

you’re everywhere I look, please go away

that last part was a bluff, I miss you, FUCK

nine years nine years what do I say

to my future children when they ask about your nay

ture I wish I could tell them that I pushed away

but In reality I’d not a single say

I wish that things were not like this!

I wish I could just live in bliss!

I wish I wish I wish I wish

I wish I could turn back the clocks


I miss you mom I know I’ve said it over a thousand times but I’m hoping this one really brings out the nines (I think that’s a golf joke?) I hope I can at least come out the other side of this having learned a valuable lesson about regret and how I should seize opportunities but right now the only thing I want to seize is my fucking blankets and the only opportunities I look forward to are those that involve sleeping.

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