05/30/21: Trash River and the Girl

Last night I found myself in a beautiful city. It did not look like any other city I’d been to, but it was also not so far out there that it couldn’t exist somewhere in the world already. I went to work like any other normal day, and when I got off work and returned home, I comically headbutted my van to emphasize to Eric that I had a good day. This left a small dent, and he hopped inside the van, where I assumed he was going to try to push the dent out. Then he pulled out the biggest chainsaw I’d ever seen and cut the entire van in half down the middle. Debbi told me to report the van stolen and cash in, but I was conflicted about this.

Later, I went to a party alone. When I arrived, I found this group outside my car who was heading in. One of the group was a girl with blonde hair who wasn’t conventionally attractive. She was doing a stretch and It was somehow mirrored in my window so that it looked like her body made sort of a rainbow shape. I told her friend this, and he walked up to the girl and said “that boy thinks you’re cute.” She approached me and said “you’re a sex addict but I guess this’ll do.” We walked in to the party and I lost her immediately.

This city had a beautiful river that looked natural with the clearest water I had ever seen. Someone told me it was man made. The whole city looked like a perfect blending of nature and industry, though they didn’t overlap in a fantasy way. I found teenagers throwing trash into the river trying to hit a rock or something, and I scolded them for this. One of them said “here toss this” and then tried to push me in the river. I looped around him and he almost fell in. This angered the boy, and he threw up hands to fight. I walked to him slowly and wrapped my arms around him and said “sometimes I get angry, too, it’s okay.” He calked down almost immediately and cried a little. Then everyone in his group of friends calmed down, I think maybe they remembered that love is rad or something.

This river was man made with the soul purpose of throwing trash into. Every Thursday there was a weekly gathering where all the people of the city would dump their trash in the river, where I assumed it got cleaned up at the other end. I assume this was to take advantage of human animalistic impulses that make us want to do the wrong thing sometimes to “live on the edge,” kind of like those movies “The Purge.” This rerouting of human impulse was super tight.

Also my dad rented an all electric bus to go for a joyride but got butthurt when I said I wanted to drive it so he cancelled the whole expedition.

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