05/31/21: How clever

One foot follows the other through the gate between two realms

one is contained, it is methodical and perfect, everything in it’s place

numbers and shapes and letters swirled in lovely order

the peak of human ingenuity, innovation smothered and suffocated, a dried out grape

the other is chaos, overwhelming in it’s beauty but terrifying in it’s unfamiliarity

I’ve learned to be cautious in this place, one hand on a blade and the other extended before me

it is natural and wild here, the birds sing the bugs crawl and dogs roam free, more active then a deer in the headlights but less so than a mosquito

thirteen steps are taken, each with precision and delicacy

to protect the sanity of the one who ventures

to keep one’s head on straight

to avoid getting lost in the infinite woods that lie ahead

on the thirteenth step, fleeting but intense panic spikes adrenaline and freezes

a trap, invisible to those who don’t look

one has to pay attention

“so clever. staring at us from a one sided mirror”

the eight legged beast who set this imperceptible trap is acknowledged as a native acknowledges his kill after the hunt, before the meal

here, the beast is spared

he means no harm, he wishes only to live




Today I delivered to a place I often deliver to. I pulled up, grabbed the package, and made my way toward the front door. There are two pillars before the steps that lead up to the door. They look like they could house a gate, but there is none. Instead a large opening created by these pillars gives a grandeur feeling to this otherwise bland house. As I walked up to the steps, I saw the tiniest reflection and froze in my tracks. An inch in front of my eyes was a single spider web. I exclaimed thinking no one could hear me “HOW CLEVER. How did you do that, little guy? How did you get this single web all the way across here. I understand that you are building a home, or a trap, or both, and I’m not in the mood to ruin anyone’s day. Please continue with your business and I will will continue with mine.” I then ducked under the silky strand, delivered the package, and ducked under again on my way back out.

This was a fun exercise in creating a mountain out of a molehill, and for my own mental health, an example. I don’t want to hurt anybody or anything, I’m just clumsy sometimes.

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