06/03/21: Car Radio

I feel like I’ve lost my car radio

flat tire shipwreck and I left my good wrench at home

it’s just headphones, it’s just money

now they’re on the porch

along with my keyboard

and a chunk of my pride

that part is fine

pride will be the death of me

in another life it’s taken me, but I have hope for this one

noise noise noise I’m lost without it

something fill my ears

sweet sounds space sounds atmosphere and lace gowns

silky smoothe tunes for silky smoothe grooves

I don’t want you, I want to dance until I feel alright again

dancing without music is great

unless you’re the observer, then it’s weird

I listen to whole songs in my head all the time and it’s good enough to get my grooving

take your headphones off at the silent disco and everything gets w e i r d

anyway I just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing

you’ve been having a lot of fun but you haven’t been well

my life’s goal is to create just one beautiful thing

my magnum opus

maybe a child or a masterful painting, or a patch to rule them all

or a song that 15 people like

give me that sweet sensation oh baby I need it

fill me up with likes

tell me you love my new shirt

you just have to be alright when I say sometimes I don’t want to dance

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