06/04/21: Beep Boop

why do I pick up my phone so fast every time it buzzes

discord has a new exciting update and MyBible’s god a sick new daily proverb

I have so much I want to say to you

but you’re DEAD *sick guitar strum*

I have so much to show you

still DEAD

I do this thing where I project

we share these qualities so why do I only see them in you

you suck? me too

four finger pointing back!

I’m swimming in circles

new year new me

please don’t tell me about the stars I’m a porcelain doll and I’m allergic to the sun

it yellows my paint and cracks my finish

I want to write music that makes people feel better

but first I have to feel better!

are these songs reminders like the ones you set on your phone

don’t forget to make your eye appointment!

I missed it by five minutes but that youtube video was just so good

beep beep boop boop

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