06/10/21: Actual Erotic Flat Stanley Fanfiction

I told you that I’m clumsy

so what the heck’s intent

when with a smile on my face

I bring you a bag of cherries

you’re allergic I forget

you’ve also showed me your capacity to forgive

to love and accept

Jo Zinn is testament to that

clearly I underestimated

but you told me

must have been five or six times

may as well have been a thousand

now I can tell you it won’t happen again

but I said that before

I’ve broken your trust

and that sucks

because I wanted you to feel better

and I wanted to feel better

intent is tricky

it’s a code of ethics

now unrecognized

people used to eat each other and societally that was okay

now even though I’m from southern California I can’t say words like gay

The loose connection I’m trying to make is that intent matters when you don’t know you’re doing something wrong. I knew I knew I knew. I just thought maybe, just maybe! I overstepped boundaries and it wasn’t my place to show up with a bandaid. Bandaids can’t stop the bleeding from an open knife wound. May as well try to empty the ocean with dixie cups or suck up a cloud with a straw.

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