06/14/21: Benevolent

some are big

some are small

some heavy some light some black some white

some keep perfect shape while others crumble under their own weight

one thing’s for sure

sometimes the smallest Chewy Boxes weigh the most

This relay race has been going on for far too long. I see my teammate behind me, sprinting with fire in her eyes. She holds the baton, eagerly awaiting my open hand. When I grab and she lets go, the relief I hold becomes her own. Which way were we running? Did I leave the oven on? I haven’t even tied my shoes. I know I chafe in these pants, so why did I put them on this morning. They look nice. I didn’t even carb-load, and for some reason I’m wearing sunglasses? To recap, on receiving the baton I will chafe, cramp, probably run the wrong direction, and I will do it all while looking fly as hell from a distance, smelling rancid and looking greasy up close.

The world is on fire but at least I have my armor

Last night in my dreams we had an argument. We were discussing the Latin root word “bene.” You were trying to explain to me that this root carries a positive connotation, while I argued it meant indifferent. At some point I got it mixed up with the French word “bien” which means something like “good.” You wouldn’t give, so I gracefully accepted defeat (I hope I did this, really the dream cut off with me screaming “BIENVENUE.”

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