06/21/21: Welcome Home

I haven’t been writing much recently. I could make a few excuses for this, and honestly all of them are legitimate in their own way. I tend to write more when I’m sad, and I haven’t been all that sad. I have been being more social, and I work long hours, so I find less time for this sort of thing. Also true. Mostly I just feel like I don’t have much to say.

I spent a long time being a depressed kid. This never really goes away, depression comes and goes. Through this time I had myself convinced that I was an introvert. I spent years putting very little thought in to this, and the topic was only reopened to me by my dear friend Corissa as we sat at McMenamins sipping drinks. I told her about my job and how I love all the new people I get to meet everyday. I told her about my time with Serenity and how she’s introducing me to all sorts of new people. She said “since when do you like people.” I said something like “wait I don’t think I’m actually an introvert, I’m just depressed.”

To confirm this, I’m going to go take that personality test again for the first time since high school. I think I was INFP or something like that.


Extraverted intuitive feeling prospecting turbulent.

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