07/01/21: Don’t Flinch

The tree branch

the fake sucker punch

the streak in the corner of your eye

the death of a loved one

all these things we duck dip dive dodge

the branch approaches your window

you know it won’t hit you, you’re in a car

you duck anyway

the fake throw of a ‘fun uncle’s’ hand

he wont hit you

you still flinch

the fly that you catch buzzing in peripheral

it calls for your attention

head cocks

it’s already gone

when people we love die we look the other way

try not to feel

maybe I’m projecting

my mom died and I had a chance to be present

to see the body one last time

I feared the image will haunt me

now regret haunts worse than any image could

the tree branch approaches

today I don’t duck

as it slaps the window I see foliage in incredible detail

this closeness provides something that dipping out never could

true it guarantees no contact

a hummingbird knows nothing of glass

it would dodge

sometimes you’re the boy, sometimes you’re the bird

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