06/24/21: Pitter Patter whoops I love you

I have been writing less and less frequently. It sort of feels like I’m in the sputter phase at the end of a good piss. I have been creating frequently. Drawing or patching nearly every day. I feel this sort of internal creation quota, and I feel depressed if I don’t meet it. Today IContinue reading “06/24/21: Pitter Patter whoops I love you”

06/12/21: Trees bees knees jumping fleas and desperate pleas

A distant stream promises relief from this heat, its gentle wake carving the path of least resistance through woods so dense you’d swear you were the first. The sound of water compliments the birds above us, whose needs rival ours in importance but not complexity. Their songs effortlessly overcome any created by our hands. You’dContinue reading “06/12/21: Trees bees knees jumping fleas and desperate pleas”

06/10/21: Actual Erotic Flat Stanley Fanfiction

I told you that I’m clumsy so what the heck’s intent when with a smile on my face I bring you a bag of cherries you’re allergic I forget you’ve also showed me your capacity to forgive to love and accept Jo Zinn is testament to that clearly I underestimated but you told me mustContinue reading “06/10/21: Actual Erotic Flat Stanley Fanfiction”